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Crystal Brush is a prestigious event for miniature painters that draws some of the best artists from around the world. The event takes place at the AdeptiCon convention every year in Chicago, Illinois.

For full details about the show please visit their website:

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Qualifier Details

The Sword & Brush Best in Show (judge’s choice) will be awarded his or her choice of prize:

i. $100 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit. Credit does not include shipping costs and must be used within 1 year.

ii. Reimbursement by CMON, Inc. for round-trip coach airfare from entrant’s location to Chicago, Illinois, for the dates of the following AdeptiCon convention and Crystal Brush Awards.

The winner must contact Crystal Brush/CMON, Inc. to choose his or her award within 30 days after event. Entrant is responsible for contacting Crystal Brush/CMON, Inc. to arrange details of travel and reimbursement.

Only one Crystal Brush prize will be awarded per qualifier event. Prize will not be divided or duplicated in case of tied entries .

Only one airfare reimbursement will be awarded to the same person within the same calendar year. Winning entrant is eligible only for CMON store credit at any subsequent events at which he or she may be judged the overall winner.

Crystal Brush/CMON, Inc. is not responsible for lodging, ground transportation, and/or any other expenses incurred by or related to the winning entrant’s travel and participation in the Crystal Brush Awards.

Prize, whether in the form of CMON store credit or airfare reimbursement, is nontransferable.

Other Conditions

Winning entry photographs and/or other recordings submitted by the qualifier host are the property of Crystal Brush/CMON, Inc., and may be used in whatever manner Crystal Brush/CMON, Inc. sees fit, without further reference to or payment to the entrant or qualifier host.

Crystal Brush/CMON, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any losses of or damages to entries in the course of the event.